Automated Immunoassay Analyzer AFIAS-6

Унитарное предприятие «Диасенс», Беларусь

Automated Immunoassay Analyzer AFIAS-6

Automated fluorescent immunoassay system that reads quantitative and semi-quantitative results of various AFIAS immunological tests Diagnostic cartridges use the principle of thin layer chromatography (all manufactured by Boditech Med Inc.)



Флуоресцентный иммунологический анализ

Одновременное испытание

6 образцов


Более 36 тестов в час


420 мм x 336 мм x 293 мм


15,1 кг

Источник питания

DC 12 В/5А Адаптер АС / DC

Ввод: 100-240 В – 50/60 Гц, 1,8 А

Выход: DC 12В/5А


7-дюймовый сенсорный цветной


4 USB порта, LAN порт.

Рабочая температура / влажность

Температура: 15 - +35°C

Влажность: 10-70% (без конденсации)


Тест пациента: 5000 результатов

Результаты испытания контрольных материалов: 5 000 результатов

Diagnostic method

Fluorescence-based Lateral Flow Immunoassay


More than 36 tests/hour


15,1 kgs


7" color touchscreen

Operating temperature / humidity

Temperature: 15 - +35°C

Humidity: 10-70% (without condensation)

Simultaneous test

6 samples


420 mm x 336 mm x 293 mm

Power source

DC 12 В/5А adapter АС / DC

Input: 100-240 В – 50/60 Hz, 1,8 А

Output: DC 12В/5А


4 USB ports, LAN port.


Patient tests: 5 000 results

Control material test results: 5 000 results

Diagnostic method: Fluorescence-based Lateral Flow Immunoassay

Sample types used: serum, plasma, whole blood, urine, feces.

Testing time for 1 sample ~ 3-15 minutes

Application areas:

  • urgent testing of one patient sample with minimal manipulation.
  • screening and diagnostics (oncology markers, hormones, cardio markers, infectious diseases, etc.)

Advantages of AFIAS-6 analyzer:

  • Minimum number of manipulations required to run the tests. 
  • All in one cartridge. There is no need to add diluents, buffers, etc. 
  • Built-in quality control.
  • Individual cassette for each test. 
  • Built-in thermal printer.
  • Shelf life of the tests - 12 months, of 2-level quality controls - 6 months.
  • Possibility to connect to LIMS.
  • Memory storage for 5 000 test results.


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